Brand-new the Spoch. Rename and Redesign: SPLYZA Teams

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Providing tools to help amateur athletes maximize their game

A world where everyone engages enthusiastically in their sport.
Windsurfing, basketball, golf, snowboarding.
The more you excel, the more fun sports become. You want to improve and reach mastery.
To that end, we pursue every possibility to support your sporting life.
We continue to promote an exciting and rich sports lifestyle for global sports aficionados everywhere.


Our Products

iPhone/iPad Application

Clipstro Golf

Record your golf swing and instantly generate a swing trace video.


Simply record your play on your iPhone and automatically convert your footage into the kind of analysis-rich video you would find on TV sports.

App Store Best of 2015


A video editor that generates video footage that automatically detects and highlights active scenes for convenient layout.

Web Service

Record, Edit, and Share. Spoch is simple App for sports scene.

“Save all instruction and play”. SPLYZA Teams is closed SNS for team sports.


Clipstro Web API

The postprocessing technology used in Clipstro and Clipstro Golf is offered here in the form of a Web API. In use on the “AQUARIUS FIELD”, a brand site for Coca-Cola (JAPAN) Co., Ltd.