SPLYZA Inc. is hiring new members to join our team.
Enjoy the fun of building a service together to contribute to the world of sports.

What's our mission?

Our slogan is, “Providing tools to help amateur athletes maximize their game” and we are developing simple apps that anyone can use free of sensors or special devices. Clipstro automatically creates stroboscopic video footage and allows for intuitively checking your form or swing. We are the number one app in the sport and photo categories in over twenty countries.

App Store Best of 2015

Why are we doing this?

I wanted to enjoy 365 days out of the year, so when I turned 30, I went to Australia and practiced wind surfing every day.
We live for excitement.
That’s why we want to create a company founded on that feeling.
The thrill of sports is experiencing day-to-day improvements that you can feel in your play.
That’s why we want to “Providing tools to help amateur athletes maximize their game”.
The dimensions to sports are unlimited — you can always keep improving.
The more you improve, the more fun it is. The more fun it is, the more you want to play. That’s the exciting world we want to create.

How are you achieving this?

Our team of engineers is unique for our roster of non-Japanese, sports-loving members (America, Honduras, UK). We communicate half the time in Japanese, half the time in English. Our technical expertise has received acclaim, and we won the grand prize for the Microsoft Innovation Award 2015. We are currently developing a communication and video analysis app for sports teams and school clubs, with plans to release it not only on iPhone, but Android, the web, ad other platforms.

As an ordinance-designated city, Hamamatsu is home to a wide variety of activities, with an excellent educational climate. It is also close to Lake Hamanako and the Nakatajima Sand Dunes, making it a place that combines the convenience of the city with the scenery of the country.
Hamamatsu can be reached from Tokyo in one hour and twenty minutes on a Hikari bullet train.
You will never be forced to ride a jam-packed train when living in Hamamatsu.
Our offices are just ten minutes by bus from Hamamatsu Station, and housing around the area is very affordable. You can walk or ride your bike home, so many employees go home for lunch. You could even eat all three meals with your family if you so choose. Nextdoor to the office is a spacious playing field where you can play a game of catch.
Team members are generally given free rein to work on what they like. Provided work is delivered on schedule, there are no restrictions on how you spend your time.

You would work on:

Spoch, our communication and video analysis app for sports teams, is currently being developed as an iOS app and web app. Going forward, we want to begin developing an Android version.
You would become a central member in developing this companion version of the Android app.
We are looking for people who can develop for Android and with experience managing small teams.
If you speak English, even better!

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