Providing tools to help amateur athletes maximize their game

There is no right answer in Sports.
However, the process of finding the answer will bring you the ability to live through society.
SPLYZA creates an educational value in sports. This leads you to obtain the ability to think
and solve problems and also to improve your sports ability.


Bringing excitement to customers and friends

Core Value

We always make a choice based on whether it is exciting for us or not.

Company Profile

Company Name SPLYZA Inc.
Establishment May 2nd, 2011
Capital JPY64,750,000
Executive Officers CEO Hiroyuki Doi
Officer Kiyofumi Ando
Officer Joe Waller
Office 2-12-35 Nunohashi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan 432-8012
Contact Tel: +81 53 523 7719
Fax: +81 53 523 7729